As leaders and innovators, RFE deliver unique and tailored technology and engineering solutions, capable operating efficiently in complex and dynamic networks environments.

Because of the their sophisticated nature, these solutions can balance the demands of entire 'macro' networks, with the precise, confined space coverage requirements of individual locations on a 'micro' scale.

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RFE's end-to-end confined coverage solutions encompass:

  • Tailored multi-service, multi-band RF distribution networks founded on broadband radiating coaxial cable or a distributed indoor antenna network
  • Engineering services including system and installation design, system optimisation, system modelling and analysis
  • Project management, contract negotiation and management, resources control and work scheduling
  • Quality and systems assurance, EMC, safety management and the evaluation and testing of software quality
  • Supply, installation and commission of passive and active DAS
  • Design and development of customised hardware and software including tailored interface requirement
  • Turnkey solutions - from design to installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance
  • Operation and maintenance of complex networks including network management systems (NMS) and programmed and fault maintenance services